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Why Are There Bugs In The Cupboards Of My Bradenton Home? 

February 15, 2021

Feel like you’re being eaten out of house and home? If these pests have come calling on your Bradenton property, you very well could be! Pantry pests are vile home invaders that are in no great hurry to vacate human households. Some species of pantry pest, including cigarette beetles, Indian meal moths, and sawtoothed grain beetles, are more prevalent than others. Here in Bradenton, we can experience all three! Infestations generally start when adult pests lay their eggs in food products, giving their young a chance to grow and thrive. As you might imagine, this leads to rooted infestations that are as dangerous as they are long term. Fight back against pantry pest activity with these helpful prevention tips. 

a cigarette beetle in a cupboard

Bradenton Homeowner’s Guide To Pantry Pest Prevention Tips

Professional pest control companies like Rodent Solutions have dealt with pantry pest problems time and time again. When it comes to keeping these pests out of your home or business, limiting potential exposure is key. Here are some ways to identify pantry pest activity in food items, storage spaces, and warehouses:

  • Look for small egg capsules inside your store-bought food
  • Feel the container or package for rips, tears, and other signs of infiltration 
  • Do not purchase the item if it has expired

How Are The Pantry Pests Getting In Your Home?

There is no way to be sure that pantry pests have not followed you home from the grocery store. If the signs and symptoms of their activity slip past you, it will be important to enact separate prevention measures that will take all aspects of control into account. Such as:

  • Storing all food items properly after purchase, and using glass or plastic containers to store grains and other cereals. 
  • Cleaning the home often, especially pantry areas where crumbs could build up. 
  • Checking screens and other potential entry points for signs of damage or cracks. Seal these with patches and caulking, or by purchasing new materials.

Not all pest prevention techniques catch infestations before they start, but they do serve as excellent measures of protection in Bradenton homes. If you would like more advice or assistance with identifying potential prevention steps, please schedule an initial inspection through Rodent Solutions today.

Pantry Pest Invasions Require Rodent Solutions

Prevention is a good idea but let’s not forget that prevention steps alone are not enough to halt a pantry pest situation from arising in your home. After all, pantry pest exposure can happen in a number of ways, but not all of them will be under your control. If you think or know that pantry pests are a concern in your Bradenton household, it would be wise to pursue professional help as soon as possible.

Contact the skilled and competent team at Rodent Solutions for assistance to eliminate your pantry pest infestation. We fully recognize the severity and immediacy of the infestation, and will do everything in our power to make the treatment process fast, efficient, and affordable. Our effective five-step plan covers all the necessary bases, starting with an initial inspection, branching to household entry sealants, moving to trapping and elimination, decontamination, and finally resulting in a pest-free guarantee. Our company comes highly qualified and carries twice the recommended amount of insurance necessary. Call us at Rodent Solutions to make an appointment, request an inspection or with any questions. Don’t let pantry pest activity affect your health, wealth or wellness.

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