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Longboat Key, FL Pest Control

Reliable Pest Control In Longboat Key, Florida

Longboat Key, FL, is a beautiful island town located along the Sarasota Bay. With water surrounding us, it’s no wonder why moisture levels are considerably high throughout the year. Increased moisture and high levels of humidity lead to increased pest activity. Local pest populations are tricky about getting onto your property, and they can do so in large numbers. These intruders are eager to get into our homes and businesses searching for food, water, and shelter sources. That’s why professional pest protection is your best bet.

Rodent Solutions provides complete pest protection to properties throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties and the surrounding areas. Since 2012, our team has provided a long list of essential pest control services, including rodent control, rodent trapping, rodent exclusions and prevention, general pest control, bird control, termite prevention, decontamination, and feces cleanup.

Whatever kind of pest problem you’re dealing with, we’re here to help. Give us a call today to discuss your residential and commercial pest control needs.

Pest Control In Longboat Key, FL

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Your Longboat Key property is a beautiful sight to behold, but what happens when pests enter the picture? A pest infestation threatens your property in every way, putting you and everyone else on the premises in harm’s way. Securing ongoing services from a highly qualified pest professionals team is the only guaranteed way to maintain a pest-free property all year long. The team at Rodent Solutions offers year-round pest protection that local property owners can rely on.

Once we familiarize ourselves with the property and the nature of the infestation, we develop a customized treatment plan that is tailor-made to suit your needs. In addition to residential properties, we service a wide range of commercial facilities, including apartments, condos, restaurants, bars, medical facilities, warehouses, office buildings, schools, and daycares. Reach out to us to discuss your pest control needs today.

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Why Rodent Control Is Important For Your Longboat Key, FL Property

Rodents aren’t only upsetting to see scurrying across your property, but they’re also very dangerous. There are a number of threats posed by a rodent infestation, and it’s important to be aware of them so you can effectively protect your property and those inside.

Here are some of the common consequences of rodent activity:

  • Rodents can bite and transmit diseases, exposing you to rabies and many other illnesses.
  • These animals can cause serious structural damage, scampering inside wall voids, and insulation.
  • They gnaw through electrical wiring and put your structure at risk of catching fire.
  • Rodents bring other pests into your home, exposing you to further potential pest infestations.
  • They leave trail droppings of excrement and cause widespread contamination.

For the most comprehensive rodent control and prevention services, call the team at Rodent Solutions today. We have the experience to identify and exterminate local rodent populations, and we promise to eliminate all conducive conditions to keep them out moving forward. Give us a call today to get started.

The Dangers Of Fly Infestations In Longboat Key, FL

Flies may be small, but they can have some big consequences. Though the common house fly doesn’t sting or bite, they can transmit many pathogens and bacteria that can lead to a long list of diseases. One minute they’re flying through the trash, landing on feces and rotting food, and the next minute they’re in your kitchen, touching surfaces and causing all kinds of contamination.

Some of the diseases resulting from a fly infestation include dysentery, parasitic worms, tularemia, salmonella, anthrax, poliomyelitis, tuberculosis, and cholera. This list of diseases barely touches the surface; there are at least 65 diseases flies can transmit, so fly control is something that you should take seriously on your Longboat Key property.

For extensive, year-round protection from flies, and the health conditions they may cause, call the team at Rodent Solutions. We’re here to rid your property of flies and keep them away for good.

Three Reasons Why Bird Control Is Important In Longboat Key, FL

When birds get into your home or business, they pose a variety of dangers to those inside the structure. When looking for a place to nest, they can get into your attic, vent systems, chimney, etc. You’ll often hear chirping inside the property, perhaps coming from inside the walls or the ceiling. Birds also leave droppings all over the place, and their feces smell awful.

Here are three negative consequences that can result from bird activity:

  1. Birds can cause large-scale structural damage that is unsafe and costly.
  2. Birds build their nests in remote areas that are often hard to access.
  3. Bird urine and feces contaminate food and water sources.

If you think you may have birds inside your Longboat Key property, the best thing you can do is call in a team of experienced pest professionals. The team at Rodent Solutions is proud to provide effective bird control and prevention services that guarantee year-round protection for your property. Reach out to us today to set up your initial inspection, and we’ll get the ball rolling.


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