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Stopping Termites From Eating Away At Your Bradenton Home

Termites are dangerous pests. Small, quiet, and rarely seen, these wood-destroying insects are experts at entering your Bradenton house without being noticed and spending months or even years making tunnels and eating your home's wooden elements.

Because most of the members of a termite colony need to stay out of the light and air in order to survive, most people go their entire lives without seeing a single termite. Typically, if you have an infestation in your house or a colony close to or on your property, the only chance you have of seeing actual termites is when the colony's reproductive members come out in the spring to mate. Otherwise, you'll have to depend on your observational skills to identify the infestation signs, which can be subtle and hard to find.

Our Termite Control Offerings

termites destroying wood

There is one other solution, however. If you only have limited knowledge of termites and their behavior, it's wise to contact the professionals at Rodent Solutions. Not only do we have the expertise and experience necessary to identify signs of termite activity, but we also offer termite control solutions to both eliminate active infestations and prevent future ones. Because termites thrive in Bradenton's hot, humid climate, choosing to get termite protection is a smart decision whether you think you have termites or not.


A thorough inspection is important in the termite control process. We want to know if you have any specific areas of concern, have seen any termite activity, or have noticed troubling signs that might point to termite activity. Additionally, we'll inspect your home, including your attic, crawl space, and any areas of exposed wood.

Although we provide termite control solutions regardless of whether you have an active termite infestation or not, knowing if termites are active in your house helps us target our treatment accordingly.


Our termite control treatment consists of two steps. The first is a spot treatment applied in the areas where termite activity is active. If you don't have a termite infestation, this step is unnecessary. If you only have termite activity in specific areas, we'll focus on these areas instead of spot treating the whole house.

The spot treatment works in conjunction with the second form of treatment, the Trelona Advance Termite Bait Station. This system works by installing bait stations at regular intervals, every 15 feet, into the soil around the exterior perimeter of your house. The bait is more attractive to termites than wood, and once a termite finds the bait, it will not only lead other termites to it but will spread the bait to other members of the colony. Eventually, this leads to the elimination of the entire colony.


Rodent Solutions guarantees that after we clear your home of the target animal it will remain clear for one full year. If you suspect you still have a problem, a Rodent Solutions technician will come back, reinspect your home and perform any further work for FREE!

Termite Control To Protect Your Bradenton Home Year-Round

Termite control may seem like something you don't need until a problem arises, but the truth is, every home should be protected from termites before they have a chance to invade. Rodent Solutions provides service to protect your home before a termite infestation takes root, as well as service to eliminate active infestations. If you don't yet have termite protection for your home, contact Rodent Solutions today.

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